• What is this about?

    Race and Racism.

    "Chinese", "Malay", "Indian", "Others" - also known as CMIO - What does it really mean?


    "Singapore is a dynamic, multiracial and multicultural society." - Are we really?


    We are interested to explore what Race and Racism mean in Singapore, and what we (as individuals, communities and society) can do to bring us to our common ideal state.

  • Why should I join?

    What is it in for me?

    Share your stories and experiences.

    What are the events that have shaped who you are today? We would love to hear them.

    Meet new people from all walks of life.

    Get out of your comfort zone to meet someone outside of your social circle.

    Talk about something you don't usually talk about.

    Get a chance to ask questions that you have always wanted to ask!

  • Why are you doing this?

    We (society) need this.

    Building the bridge

    Promote understanding of "the other side" as individuals; going beyond brief engagements and ideological discourse.

    Forging connections

    Appreciate the different perspectives that people may have; sometimes, there might not be one right answer or approach.

  • How are you doing this?

    A series of intimate dialogue amongst diversity

    We are aiming to invite a diverse group of participants that will be representative of the various factions of the Singapore population (e.g. by age, race, education).


    We want to create a safe space for an intimate dialogue. Most of the discussions will happen in a small group (7 - 8 participants), with some large group sharing.


    The central questions we seek to explore during the sessions are:

    • How racist is Singapore?
    • Does race matter now? 
    • What is the future of race and racism in SIngapore?

    Our dinner conversations are fully subscribed! 


    Pls keep a look out for our public sharing session on 20 May, 1pm.


    Single Session 1 (FULL)

    Date, Time : 24 Mar, 730pm - 10pm

    Single Session 2 (FULL)

    Date, Time :7 Apr, 730pm - 10pm

  • Our original 3-part dinner conversation

    We are fully subscribed!

    Session 1 (FULL)

    • How racist is Singapore?
    • How racist are you?

    Planned date: 17 Mar 2017, 730pm

    Session 2 (FULL)

    • Does race matter now?
    • Should it matter? 

    Planned date: 31 Mar 2017, 730pm

    Session 3 (FULL)

    • What is the future of race and racism in Singapore?
    • What more do we want to do about it? 


    Estimated date: 21 Apr 2017, 730pm

  • What are the Ground Rules?

    In order to have constructive dialogue, we need to adhere to some simple rules.

    Listen with intent

    Listen with the intent to understand, especially when you disagree. Then, acknowledge that you have heard the others.

    Disagree respectfully

    Express disagreements with ideas, not personalities.

    Learn from each other

    Understand and learn from each other. Try to identify and test your own assumptions.

  • Who are you?

    A ground-up initiative

    A curious individual

    Lewis works in a local consultancy firm, helping organisations to plan for the future, and build a more effective relationship with their stakeholders.

    A practical idealist

    Liyi runs her own social enterprise, Indie Mamashop, which provides home-based sewing jobs for the economically-disadvantaged in Singapore.

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    Drop us a note!

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